Welcome to Glendale Church

Welcome to Glendale Church

Glendale Church is a growing community of Christians with a strong membership of families and children. Our aim is “To glorify God and, with his help, to do all we can to extend His Kingdom on Earth.” We welcome all who are interested in or committed to the Christian faith and we are particularly keen to reach out to and support the local community.

We believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and acknowledge him as our Saviour and Lord and the only Mediator between God and mankind. We regard the Bible as God’s Word and seek to make it the foundation of all that we do.

Leadership is shared and we employ a Pastoral Ministry Leader, Youth and Children Leaders and an Administrator. Members are encouraged to develop their gifts and contribute to the very active life of the Church.

The Church meets in Newbury for its main combined services on Sunday mornings and evenings with many additional weekly activities for all ages.

Glendale is an independent Church affiliated to the Evangelical Alliance and we are involved with other local Churches through our membership of ‘CTNA’ (Christians Together in Newbury) a version of ‘Churches Together’.

The Church’s Mission and Vision

  • With God’s Word central to all that we do, and in an attitude of prayer, to draw upon and share the love of God with all, in order to meet the spiritual and practical needs of everyone associated with the Church.
  • To reach out with the Gospel and thus grow the Church, the Body of Christ; to make room for and develop spiritual gift and to welcome and integrate young people and children into the heart of the Church.
  • Co-operate with other Churches locally in furthering God’s work in the area and at the same time support mission work in a wider area and abroad together with those individuals with whom we have a link in that work.
  • Encourage all to view their work as their mission and be active and involved in Church life.
  • As a Church, be amenable to change, underpinned by Scripture, to follow the Lord and the Spirit’s leading.

"In quietness and trust is your strength".
Isaiah 30. v 15.